El micra


:lol: :lol: esta bastante bien!!!ya podrian salir todos asi de bonitos!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

pozi ademas me habn dicho q lleva una sorpresa debajo del capo llamada 350z

no jodas!!!

no te dejes jejejeej sep eso me han dicho pero no encuentro las especificaciones

puede ser el Micra RV6???

esto venía en una página de internet:

The Micra R shown at last year’s event has become the Micra RV6 after a heart transplant conducted by Ray Mallock Limited, based in Wellingborough, using a 350Z engine with NISMO parts to produce 310PS and 363Nm of torque. Its engine is rear mounted, where the Micra’s rear seat would normally go, and drives the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox shared with the American market Nissan Altima SE-R. 350Z wheels and hubs are used along with specially machined drive shafts. Painted in the 2005 350Z Japanese GT touring car colours, the muscular Micra RV6 will be showing off its new engine on the Nissan stand. Its sub-five second 0-60mph acceleration and 150mph+ top speed will be proven at a later date.

O el Micra R?

Nissan Micra R - In 2003 Nissan GB approached RML to produce a headline vehicle to coincide with the launch of the new Micra, this race car for the road was called Micra R. RML took a standard model and transformed its looks to match the dramatic styling of a Geneva concept car. From nose to tail the ‘R’ is unlike any Micra ever produced, the bonnet hides a radiator and fuel tank and the rear sliding seat was replaced with a 265 bhp fully race-prepared engine linked to a 6 speed sequential gearbox. The project was a great success having generated multi page reviews in all of the leading UK motoring publications and national press.

Pues me lo iva a comprar pero he llamado a mapfre y dice que no me lo asegura por la relacción peso-potencia :expressionless:

pues está muy guapo el micrilla racing con las llantas del z33 :shock:

El MICRA, es la o***a…El mío tiene 317.000 kms…y chuta aun bastante menjor que la mierda de soldado… No digo nada más…Y con aire (que ahora en verano es casi inprescindible en vernano).


sergio - dAvid ya tengo coche elegido 8)